Rodgers on Brady: He's incredible

Robert Zizzo
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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will square off for the first time Sunday.

The list of "elite" quarterbacks is short.

By most anyone's definition, that group would include Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers.

Sunday's game will pair two of them, which is relatively rare for Rodgers, who hasn't started a game against Brady and has only once against Manning.

On his radio show, Rodgers said he didn't consider it a "void" in his career that he hasn't faced others in the group on a more frequent basis. He did, however, have vast praise for Brady.

"He's a guy who I enjoyed watching when I was a young player," Rodgers said. "I watched in his 2007 season when he was lights-out, 50 touchdowns and I was a young player trying to figure out what does it look like. Obviously I saw it every day with Brett (Favre), but what else does it look like. What are some other guys who are at the top of their game doing?

"Tom's incredible, he's got great eye discipline and eye control, he's always had incredible subtle movements in the pocket that allow him to throw on rhythm and in a balanced position. That's how you become accurate, when your feet are underneath you, you're on balance all the time and Tom does a great job of getting his feet and his body in position to throw that ball from a balanced position."

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