McCarthy: No high concern with Lacy's hip

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media on Monday. Here are some highlights from his news conference:

Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy (27) for yardage against the Atlanta Falcons at Lambeau Field December 8, 2014.

On Eddie Lacy:

Lacy, frankly all of our guys will be in the morning. I don't have high concern. Coming off a Monday night game, tomorrow will be a lot like a Tuesday. We'll see how these guys go through their examinations.

On Sam Shields:

It was a rotation. It was something we went into the game with. Talking with Dom and Joe Whitt, Sam missing practice and making it through the protocol. He didn't practice until Sunday. We just wanted to make sure we were covered there. … Anytime you go through the concussion process, it's something you have to bounce back from. Obviously, he wanted to be out there Monday night. He's a young player.

On Julio Jones' coverage issues:

I think we did change up. It's not like we played one coverage. Julio had a huge game. They got hot in the second half. I think you have to give the Falcons credit. Winning in December is difficult. We're onto Buffalo. That's where we are. Obviously, you always want to make corrections after a win.

On James Starks:

Both James and Eddie didn't have a lot of attempts. I just love the way James responds with his opportunities. Obviously, Eddie was the featured back. James Starks has played a lot of excellent football for us.

On Aaron Rodgers sliding?

Anytime you have the football in your hand whether you're throwing or running it, you're put in a position to make decisions. We trust Aaron and his judgment. I think he's an excellent decision-maker.

On Buffalo's defensive front:

We've been very impressed with Buffalo. I think the defensive front is outstanding. This is going to be probably our biggest challenge, particularly on the road.

On Rodgers' efficiency:

I've never seen a quarterback or been a part of quarterback play at this level. His responsibility is higher than it's ever been. I think it's due to big leads in games. He's missed four or five quarters of opportunities.

On Julius Peppers' workload:

Julius is a very well-conditioned athlete. He hasn't blinked as far as missing any practice time. I think our plan is definitely working. I really like what Julius gives us.

On Rodgers limiting interceptions:

We're not done playing yet. We have a lot of football left. Our players are extremely conscious of it. We're doing it the way we need to do it.

On offensive line test against Buffalo:

I think this is going to be an excellent matchup with all the lines. This game is going to be dictated by who wins the battle of the trenches. Our offensive line is playing very well. Crowd noise will be a challenge.

On schedule for this week:

The on-field stuff. It'll be pretty much how we've done it after Monday night football games.

On Clay Matthews' inside, how it's affected pass rush:

I think our pass rush has been good. It's clearly an improvement from earlier in the year, an improvement from last year. We have some different things going on. It's good to have Nick Perry back full strength. Last night, I felt he was back after that shoulder injury.

On Bruce Gaston:

He's been out in Arizona from Purdue University. Peppers Burruss was happy about that. Good young man, I had a chance to visit with him. Mike Trgovac worked with him if needed to be up and active.

On Jordy Nelson being nominated for sportsmanship award:

He's a great receiver who's having a phenomenal year. Off the field is probably his biggest strength. He's a hard worker, excellent work ethic. It's a joy to coach Jordy Nelson.

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