The Decision, the Green Bay version, came down to the player who, not surprisingly, was thinking exactly what Packers fans around the world were thinking.

"As bad as it felt, I thought if I can go out there and be able to do some things and we win, I get another week to rehab it," Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said. "That was definitely in my mind."

Rodgers re-injured his left calf on a touchdown pass to Randall Cobb with 2:24 left in the first half of Green Bay's 30-20 victory over the Detroit Lions, and when he was carted off the field minutes later, it scared up the notion that the Packers' chance of a Super Bowl run was going up in smoke.

But Rodgers re-entered the game after the Packers' first series of the second half — a three-and-out — and after the Lions tied the score at 14-14, Rodgers solidified his bid for his second NFL MVP by leading his team to a pair of second-half touchdowns, the NFC North Division title and a first-round bye in the playoffs.

Rodgers said the injury was just slightly different than a similar injury he incurred against Tampa Bay last week.

"Just moved out of the pocket there, felt a very similar feeling in a different spot as I did last week," he said. "Was able to dump that off to Cobb. I was worried about the severity of the injury and my ability to walk off the field at that point.

"But once I got back in the locker room, I was actually watching the game on TV with some heat on my calf thinking if I could finagle myself to go back in. Doc (Pat McKenzie) came in at halftime, we talked. Took a little longer to get taped back up. Went in the tunnel until the possession was over, the first possession of the second half. I came over, did some light drops on the sidelines and felt like I could go back into the game."

Rodgers said it was ultimately his decision.

"In this case I think it was," he said. "It was kind of on me, see how I felt. But I trust Doc McKenzie with my health. We had a long conversation at halftime."