Daniels ready to face Cowboys' vaunted offensive line

Ryan Wood
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Green Bay Packers defensive end Mike Daniels doesn't want to hear how the Dallas Cowboys' offensive line is full of first-round picks.

Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Mike Daniels (76) raises his hands to the crowd as he makes his way to the locker room following team's victory over the New England Patriots.

Yes, Daniels respects the talent the Packers' defensive line will compete against Sunday at Lambeau Field. Dallas has the NFL's only offensive line with multiple All-Pro selections – and they have three total.

From left tackle Tyron Smith to right guard Zach Martin to center Travis Frederick, each position group is represented.

"They work pretty well together, and they have a really good running back (DeMarco Murray)," Daniels said. "He's going to make them right. You get all those guys, all the wheels turning the right way, all the gears clicking or whatever term you want to use, you're going to see the accolades and the production."

The Cowboys have taken extraordinary lengths to build their offensive line through the draft. Three of their past four first-round picks were used to draft Smith (2011), Frederick (2013) and Martin (2014). Meanwhile, the Packers only have one defensive lineman drafted in the first round (Datone Jones). Daniels was selected in the fourth round of the 2012 draft.

On paper, it may look like a mismatch. Daniels said that can be deceiving. For proof, he pointed to the Packers' offensive line.

"We've got three fourth-round picks and a fifth-rounder, and they get the job done pretty well," Daniels said. "So it doesn't matter where you got drafted."

Dallas' offensive line isn't the only group with accolades.

Green Bay left guard Josh Sitton was a second-team All-Pro. He finished two votes shy of Martin for first-team distinction. Sitton has said he believes each of the Packers' offensive lineman are among the best in the league at their positions.

Collectively, Daniels said the Packers' offensive line should get plenty of credit.

"Our offensive line is, I feel, the best in the NFL right now," Daniels said. "Regardless of where you get picked, those guys, they get the job done and they're a bunch of mid-round picks like myself."

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