McCarthy: We'll travel to Seattle on Friday

Ryan Wood
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Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy talked with the media on Monday afternoon. He recapped the Packers' 26-21 win against the Dallas Cowboys in the divisional round and looking ahead to the NFC championship game on Sunday in Seattle.

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy talks to an official after challenging a fourth-down catch by Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant during Sunday's NFC divisional playoff at Lambeau Field.

Here are some brief highlights.

On injured quarterback Aaron Rodgers' status:

Aaron made it through the game very well. Saw him today, he's getting better. I think he feels better at this time this week than he did (two weeks ago).

On Rodgers' practice schedule:

Don't have one yet. We'll have a Wednesday morning medical meeting. Aaron will see the doctor before the team meeting. At that time, plan will be set for the week. That's how we always do it.

On whether Rodgers' left calf feels better than the day after Lions game on Dec. 28:

I think so. I think it'd be better if Aaron answered those questions.

On this week's schedule:

Our schedule will be exactly the same Monday through Thursday. We're going to make some adjustments on Friday. We're actually going to fly to Seattle on Friday. Then we'll be out there for Saturday work, and kind of be on a normal schedule Saturday night.

On the teams' first game this season in Seattle, a 36-16 Seahawks victory:

Any time you have an experience to draw from, you have to do that. The opportunity to play in Seattle, Week 1, there's a lot of experience. The matchups. The opportunity to play in that stadium the first time, particularly your young players. The surface. All of those things are important.

On how the team handled the Seattle crowd noise in the first game:

In most areas, I think they handled it very well. Going back to the first game, we had some boundary communication that's not very clean. I think that was the first time in my time here that'd happen. So there are things to learn from.

On the Seahawks' defense:

Their defense is playing very well. It's a defense that's played at a very high level for quite some time. I think you can see they're in sync and the talented players they have. They're playing at a very high level.

On rookie wide receiver Davante Adams' consistency:

We want to go through every opportunity, Davante took advantage of his opportunities. There's other factors that are involved in that. I really like the way he played against Dallas. I really like the way he's practicing. I look forward to how he'll play against Seattle.

On his even-keel demeanor:

Hopefully, not on camera. I think we all learn. We all grow, mature in different stages in your life. Learning how to deal with different situations comes with experience.

On lessons the offense learned from the first game in Seattle:

The game plan, watching the game again this morning, there are some really good things that we did in that game. I think there were some plays early that you wish could've had a different result. As far as not throwing it to Richard Sherman, we have great respect for their defense. They've earned that, in also in Richard's case. We lined Jordy up on the (offense's) left side, and we wanted Richard to come play on the left side. It didn't happen. You look at those things, and they made big plays. They made huge plays in the Carolina game (on Saturday).

On the progress of young players:

Just watching the tape this morning, you watch Richard Rodgers Week 1 and Richard Rodgers against the Dallas Cowboys, it's a huge difference. Same thing for Davante Adams. They've come along well.

On Julius Peppers playing fewer snaps:

I think Julius Peppers probably made on the biggest, or the biggest plays of the game, for us on the fumble. Then the sack fumble, he's making impact plays. Julius has been a great addition to our football game, both on and off the field.

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