Rodgers practices in limited fashion

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers spoke to the media on Wednesday afternoon. Here are some highlights:

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) passes the ball in the second quarter.

The Green Bay Packers host the Dallas Cowboys during an NFC divisional playoff game Sunday, January 11, 2015, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. 
Dan Powers/P-C Media

On what he was able to do:

A little more than last week. (Feeling) pretty similar.

On not getting reps, communication off the field:

We still talk on the field. It's 21 games with preseason. A lot of reps. Just being on the same page.

On gathering the receivers today:

I see there's no private conversations in locker room. If there's different signals, we want to do. We got out a little bit late. I had to grab them in the locker room.

On treatments this week:

I do everything the medical staff wants me to.

On passing with less mobility:

I think I've done pretty good for a number of years. Limited mobility makes you throw from pocket a little more.

On remedies for calf:

I shared one. The human to pet connection. I didn't see quite how it related to my calf. I know people have the best intentions when sending things in. I've heard calls and e-mails passed along.

On throwing ball on both halves of the field:

It depends who's open. Throw it to left and right a little bit.

On receivers adjusting:

There's not as many second or third reaction plays. The touchdown to Richard was kind of a second reaction play. There's not going to be as many run out of pocket plays like that.

On keeping things loose in locker room:

Keep doing same thing you're doing. I think it's great there is more attention. There's a lot of great personalities in the locker room.

On not throwing at Sherman:

I plan to throw it to the open guy. Go through my progressions.

On what's changed with offense:

Corey has 17 starts. Davante and Richard have 17 games they've played. Richard has gotten better every week. We're playing better. We had two receivers with over 90 catches. We spread it around well.

On what stands out about rookies:

Probably the preparation has been great. The college season is usually 12 or 13 games. You haven't seen it. As much as Davante's production dipped, it's just a matter of matchups. When we feel like it's a positive matchup, a miss match, the ball goes his way.

On offensive line:

I think so. The difference is we have a healthy line.

On memories from last NFC championship game:

I'd like to play better than the last one. My best play was a tackle. It was about how are defense played that day. They played excellent.

On winning tight games:

We've won some tight games. We've started very fast in a lot of games. We're stopping the run. We've been flipping the time of possession. We averaged below 60 plays pre game, that's low for us. Defense has stopped the run better. We've kind of flipped the time of possession.

On winning NFC title on the road before:

I think we do but it's a different team. I think it's less than 20 guys still left from that team. We have confidence we can win on the road. It's a tough environment. We split our games on the road this year. Winner gets to play for it all.

On running the ball well recently:

Just to have balance, I think. Mike has gone that direction. It gives us good balance. If you can stop from being one dimensional, you're going to give them a chance to pass protect well and keep them off-balance.

On playing there before:

You know the environment is going to be loud. They feed off the energy. You have to control the clock and convert first downs. All the things you usually do on the road, it's just a bit louder in those places.

On Seattle's secondary being physical:

Depends on how the game is called. With some of the emphasis on illegal contact and holding on both sides.

On limited mobility:

It's not really difficult. I didn't really move a lot in college. Had a great offensive line at Cal. It wasn't like I was making a lot of plays outside the pocket. It's a matter of playing within your limits with the injury. Haven't caused a lot of damage with it. Hopefully, it gets better this Sunday.

On Dallas:

I felt good about the first half. We had three possessions in the two-minute drills. We came out a little more aggressive in the second half, the empty backfield stuff helps get into a little more of a rhythm. It can inhibit you a little bit.

On Marshawn Lynch:

He was a lot of fun to play with. He's a great player. He averaged 9.0 yards per carry. Also in the backfield was Justin Forsett. He was an extremely gifted athlete. He challenged me in throwing competitions. He was a great teammate. We had a lot of fun. Oakland guy, he loved being in the bay area. He's a talented guy.

On hoping Packers were going to get him:

I thought so. It wasn't going to take a lot to get him from Buffalo. Eddie is very similar style back. He doesn't get taken down with the first defender. Both Marshawn and Eddie are great in pass protection

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