Crosby ready for whatever Seahawks throw at him

Ryan Wood
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Mason Crosby has seen the play before.

Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby watches with holder Tim Masthay as his field-goal attempt is blocked by the Detroit Lions during the fourth quarter of their game at Lambeau Field on Dec. 28.

Two years ago, Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin tried to jump over the Green Bay Packers' field goal protection line and block a kick. It didn't work, but Crosby remembered the play last week.

When he saw Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor try it not once, but twice in a playoff game, Crosby wasn't surprised.

"It's not an uncommon thing," Crosby said. "Teams have tried it before, tried it from different places, jumping through gaps, all this stuff. You watch it, you make the guys aware of it, and then you move on to the next play and show different rushes they've done and we make sure we secure every aspect."

Crosby said there are ways to prevent a player from jumping over the line. Part of it is mixing up the snap count, keeping the defense off balance. Most importantly, if long snapper Brett Goode or another interior protector makes any contact with a player jumping over the line, it's an automatic penalty.

"Our guards are aware of that," Crosby said. "Brett, as a snapper, is aware and he'll try to lift and get him to at least touch him."

Crosby said it doesn't alter his attention when a player jumps over the line. His eyes are fixed on the football until his foot makes contact. He's trained to block out any other distractions.

That also goes for the weather elements that await Sunday. The forecast in Seattle calls for a high of 52 degrees – much warmer than Green Bay – with a 70 percent chance of rain. Crosby said he'll walk onto the field two hours before kickoff to gauge the elements.

"I'll make sure that I prepare those two hours to go out and be prepared for the game," Crosby said.

Crosby knows the stakes Sunday. At some point, he could face a field goal that would put his team into the Super Bowl.

He wouldn't mind if the opportunity comes.

"Obviously the answer there is you just want to win," Crosby said. "But yeah, obviously, it's every guy's dream. Every position wants to catch that ball, run that game-winning touchdown, throw that pass in the end zone to win it. I feel the same way. If I'm called upon to hit that kick at the end of the game, that's my job and that's what I intend to do."

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