Murphy cool toward expanding instant replay

Robert Zizzo
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Green Bay Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy

PHOENIX -- There are 13 proposed changes to the instant replay system on the agenda this week at the NFL's annual meeting.

Packers president Mark Murphy is on the NFL's competition committee, which will vote on rules changes. Some of the proposals would expand instant replay, but Murphy seemed hesitant to go too far.

"Well, you know, I think you have to go back to kind of the roots and the origin of instant replay," he said. "It was really meant to correct the obvious mistakes, the obvious officiating mistakes that cost teams games. But it was really centered on objective facts – two feet in, down, the ball hit the ground, cross the goal line. I think one of the concerns we have as a competition committee is, are we getting away from the roots of instant replay and really bringing in subjective views."

Packers coach Mike McCarthy wasn't a fan of the experimentation with some penalties during last preseason. NFL officials made defensive pass interference one of its points of emphasis.

"I thought the preseason was one of the worst preseasons I can recall in a while," McCarthy said. "Twenty-two penalties a game or whatever? It was so herky-jerky.

"Flow and tempo is so important on how you train your football team. In a preseason game, you're going to have some problems seeing how you have 90 guys as opposed to 53. You have to really watch that. That affects the game but it also affects the product."

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