Packers announce signing of 5 draft picks

Pete Dougherty
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Green Bay Packers rookie Jake Ryan (47) pauses between drills with Joe Thomas (48) and Uona Kaveinga (40) during rookie orientation in the Don Hutson Center May 8, 2015.

The Packers announced the signing of the last five players they drafted last weekend: Jake Ryan, Brett Hundley, Aaron Ripkowski, Christian Ringo and Kennard Backman.

Rookie contracts are slotted by the 2011 collective bargaining agreement, and below are the allotments for each of the five. All have four-year deals, and the base salaries are $435,00 this year, $525,000 in 2016, $615,000 in 2017 and $705,000 in 2018.

Ryan (fourth round): total $2,736,676, including a signing bonus of $456,676.

Hundley (fifth round): total $2,503,632, including a bonus of $223,632.

Ripkowski (sixth round): total, $2,386,296, including a bonus of $106,396.

Ringo (sixth round compensatory): total $2,370,487, including a bonus of $90,487.

Backman (sixth round compensatory): Four years, $237,487, including a bonus of $90,487.

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