Packers' team-building exercise is Wednesday

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy and quarterback Aaron Rodgers talk during organized team activities at Clarke Hinkle Field earlier this month.

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media after Tuesday's minicamp practice. Here are some highlights:

On the practice:

Today's practice was all review of installations 1 to 8. You want to hit every situation you can in move the ball and roll different personnel groups in. Offensively, we were very productive today. I thought the practice was good.

On rookie wide receiver Ty Montgomery:

Ty looked excellent. He had a good practice on Friday. He does things very natural. He's picked it up really quick, especially for someone who hasn't been here.

On giving away offensive secrets in defensive rooms:

Big focus for our whole team this year is just to raise the football IQ. We've had coaches spend more time together, offense and defense, since February. We actually had a contest. Coaches worked together. We're trying to educate as much as we can. It's something we all realize players grow as they're here. We're always trying to increase the learning opportunities, particularly for the young guys. It's very healthy. Generates a lot of activity.

On working with defensive coordinator Dom Capers:

I think anytime you put your time as far as how you allocate your time. I'm very impressed with our defensive staff. Those guys are excellent coaches. The continuity of being the room together for a long time. My position, the toughest job is managing your staff. If anything, it just confirmed what I already knew.

On pairing coaches:

(Defensive line coach) Mike Trgovac and (offensive line coach) James Campen did theirs today with the theme of stepbrothers, but it was really good. They take the concept and topic they have to teach and use some video. You could tell it's a movie the offensive line knew every word of. I've never really seen James Campen stand in front of the room and teach offensive line play.

On who won:

Can't do that. They're up on Thursday.

On how different his routine in this camp:

I don't have a routine I'm just working through job responsibility. I have a lot of ideas but a lot won't be applied until training camp and season. This is probably my busiest offseason since my first year.

On Wednesday's practice:

We'll have a team activity tomorrow.

On the importance of team bonding:

People win and people lose. The opportunity our players will have tomorrow will be in groups of four or five. They'll ride in a cart with (quarterback) Aaron Rodgers or someone they've never had a conversation with. It's about culture.

On second-year tight end Richard Rodgers:

I think he has a hell of a home run swing. I think Richard is more comfortable. He's taking the natural step. The biggest thing you see from players is he's trying to learn in the game, and compare how he played in Week 1 and end of the season. He's not thinking about what he's doing, but focusing more on technique.

On second-year wide receiver Davante Adams:

Davante Adams, a clear illustration of a first-year player taking a jump over the last four weeks. I think he's been tremendous throughout the OTAs.

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