McCarthy on camp: 'I'm as excited as I've ever been'

Ryan Wood
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Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson (left) and head coach Mike McCarthy.

A day before their first training camp practice, Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy met with reporters to preview the 2015 seasons. Here are some brief highlights.

On Jordy Nelson's health status: I don't know. I know Jordy looks good just since he's been here. Conditioning tests going on, physicals in the morning, that's all part of the process. Just like other years, I don't get a full medical report until 4 or 5 p.m. today.

On any players who can't start training camp: We haven't had a medical meeting yet. We have a new training center, and our training staff has been spending time getting that ready.

On Casey Hayward's availability in camp: All indications are he looks good, but I won't have anything until 5 p.m.

On Andrew Quarless' arrest: Yeah, we've talked about it. He made a mistake. Frankly, I'm disappointed. He's disappointed. All of our players know our program is about protecting the brand of the Green Bay Packers. He made a mistake. We're working through it.

On suspensions to Datone Jones and Letroy Guion: I think the thing we have to do as a staff is how do we balance the reps? That's the biggest challenge. We've talked about it.

On his feelings about team entering 2015 season: Every team is different. Some of the things we installed in the spring, particularly in areas of communication, we've made those adjustments. I thought our team did a very good job throughout the spring. I felt very confident coming out of the offseason. That's one of the reason I want to really jump into it tomorrow. I want to hit it and get it. We have somethings we feel like we need to highlight, but that's usual. I feel very good about this 88- to 90-man roster that we'll have.

On 20 starters returning: It's a group that has a lot of experience, but there is definitely a percentage of youth that we have to get ready. I'm more focused on balancing that out and making sure the top of the roster and bottom of the roster come together as fast as possible.

On whether he'll use camp to get off to a quicker start in the season: I think it's like anything – I know I talk about this continuously – everything we do, we look at it. Do we have to change it? Do we have to adjust it? Do we have to emphasize it? I know we'll have some fast start to our practices. We'll do some split work like the past to give us some concepts and things that we want to keep close to the vest. We're playing Chicago on Week 1. They're a new staff, and we want to make sure our players are ready for that. We know what our record has been to start the season the past couple years.

On getting over last year's NFC title game loss: I've never operated that way in the past. I think you set goals. Our goal is to win the world championship this year. That never changes. Last year doesn't really count for anything. The people that were here last year, we'll use the video. But the positive from last year clearly outweigh the negatives.

On if he's still excited entering his 10th season: It's still exciting. Heck, yeah. How do you not get excited coaching football in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It's about the people. Everybody wants to talk about the facility, the history, the tradition, but it's about the people. We have great people here. I love being in front of the team leading the charge. I'm as excited now as I've ever been.

On where McCarthy will spend his time during training camp practices: I've been working through the process in the spring. I'll try some things. I'm going to spend more time in analytics than in the past. My job responsibility is not written.

On spending more time with analytics: I'm going to analyze the media's comments more. No, really, if I can spend more time on ourselves. I think like a lot of things, I like to go back and look at more notes during the break. That's something I like to always stay on top of.

On developing young cornerback group: We're young at corner. There's some things in the drill work we'll have to emphasize stronger than in the past. That's the beauty of fundamental drills. That's why we doing them every day.

On Packers being the favorites this season: If I did treat it any differently, I would just be one super hypocrite. It's something I know I've talked about from the first day I was in front of the team. The vision's clear. We have a plan, we'll follow that plan. I love the leadership of the veterans. I feel strongly that this group can be the strongest group of leaders we've had in the locker room, as far as the number of them. That's what you start with. That's what you buy into it. That's what you push. It's great that people like our team and think we're going to win the Super Bowl. Hell, I agree with them. I think we're going to win it too.

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