McCarthy expects more 2-point attempts

Ryan Wood
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Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy looks on during training camp practice at Ray Nitschke Field on Saturday, Aug. 1, 2015.

The NFL has introduced rules changes on a trial basis in the past, but the league's decision to push point-after-touchdown attempts to the 15-yard line is expected to stick.

Official Ron Marnucci, visiting the Green Bay Packers' training camp this week, said the NFL is committed to infusing the extra-point attempt with some much-needed intrigue. From the 2-yard line, extra points were converted at a 99.7-percent rate, Marnucci said. He called that "too automatic" for the league

"I actually think this is not an experimental (rule change)," Marnucci said. "This is in. There's certain ones that they put in that they say, 'That was a bad idea. We're going to take that one out.' This is one that they put in to stay. It could be an interesting year."

Interesting is good for fans, but not necessarily coaches.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy said the extra-point changes give him and his counterparts more to consider with game management. More strategy means more opportunities for coaches to make bad decisions, McCarthy said.

"It's just causing more opportunities of scrutiny from head coaches," McCarthy said, joking. "I think that's what they sit up there and laugh about and try to do."

All quips aside, McCarthy said it's a "good rule" to push extra-point attempts back. This offseason, McCarthy said, he and his coaching staff have considered how the change may affect game management, not just for the Packers but also opponents.

The biggest change may be more two-point conversion attempts. With the extra-point spot pushed back to the 15-yard line, a 5-yard false start penalty could make it a 38-yard try. McCarthy suggested some coaches would prefer to go for 2 points from the 2-yard line, though not necessarily him. Especially since defensive offsides would move the football up to the 1-yard line.

"It's not philosophically how we're going to approach it," McCarthy said, "but how we think other people are going to approach it. I think it's only natural you'll see more 2-point conversion opportunity just because of the personality of certain people. If you do it strictly by the numbers, you should really – from a risk assessment standpoint – should still kick the extra point. But going to the 1 adds a whole other element. That takes the numbers to a different level.

"I think with that, that opportunity going to the 1, you'll definitely see more of those opportunities go up."

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