McCarthy: Abbrederis still in concussion protocol

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Green Bay Packers receiver Jared Abbrederis catches a ball during a passing drill at training camp at Ray Nitschke Field on Thursday.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media before Saturday's practice at Nitschke Field. Here are some highlights:

On dealing with heat:

We'll be practicing in shells today. We're staying right on schedule. We'll have a number of guys who won't practice today by design.

On Jared Abbrederis:

Making progress. He's still going through the protocol. There's a number of tests you have to go through.

On film from Saturday:

I would say consistent with prior years, there's always things fundamentally you can improve on. Mistakes made are things you can correct. We didn't have big major mistakes that way. Way too many mental errors. We're actually a little bit better in that area. It was a productive day. Work we were able to get done was what you're looking for in the preseason.

On Scott Tolzien:

I think it's obvious he's a lot more comfortable. He's been very consistent. Hasn't had too many up-and-down days. I thought he did a nice job against the Patriots. You look for the command and tempo and I felt like the second-team tempo was better than the first team. I was impressed with whole operation.

On Tom Clements' communication:

I thought Tom Clements and offensive staff did a nice job. There's new up there with Luke Getsy, David Raih and Alex Van Pelt in box. I thought everything flowed.

On running backs:

I thought the runners ran well. They ran smart from a decisions standpoint. They did a good job with yards after contact.

On Quinten Rollins:

He had a nice night. Did a lot of good things. Got his hands on the ball. I'm sure he'll be disappointed he didn't have those two interceptions. Played with a lot of confidence. What you look for with rookies.

On Don Barclay coming back from ACL:

We played one preseason game. Don played 20, 30 snaps. It's preseason. There's things he can do better and he'll improve on it. I have no concerns with any of our players.

On Damarious Randall returning:

I don't know if he'll go today. He's in that pre-practice category. Very natural (progression). He does some things very naturally. He has good makeup speed. You can't rely on that because other guy can run, too.

On James Vaughters:

James did a nice job (on defense) and on special teams. I was disappointed we didn't get two of our linebackers in the game.

On special teams:

From my perspective, it was to create opportunities. We asked Mason not to kick it out of the end zone, so we could cover. They had three returns that came out. Jake Ryan was in a situation, corrected on sideline and goes out on second one and does it right. Punt return, fielding the football, we can do a better job. It's a transition from the rush to blocking on the punt return, it's all fundamental work. Things we'll work on today.

On having Sunday game:

Very beneficial. You usually get one. We went through this last year. We felt it was good to get to an in-season schedule immediately. This is important. This gives us three days to work on things we need to clean-up.

On Aaron Rodgers' three series:

I think it just worked out that way. We had some goals. We had two long drives. We want to play fast and up-tempo the game. Create as many opportunities we can for our offense. For most part, we got a lot of that done. Fourth-down calls are priceless whether it's in the red-zone or in mid-field. Chicago, two years ago, to get into the playoffs.

On use of extra points going forward in preseason:

There's more variables and components involved there. The defense now has an opportunity to score. We're going to do as many two-point conversions as we can throughout the preseason. I'm also sensitive to fact of getting Mason and Tim their opportunity.

On if he expects opponents going for two more in regular season:

I don't know. I hope Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and New Orleans going every time (in preseason).

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