McCarthy on Rodgers' mobility: 'He's back'

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers warms up before a preseason game against the New England Patriots Ton hursday, Aug. 13, 2015, in Foxborough, Mass.

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media before Thursday's practice. Here are some highlights:

On what he's looking for in Sunday's preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers:

It's going to be a whole different competition. We're playing a different-style football team. It will be a great challenge for us.

On running back Eddie Lacy:

I'd say Eddie Lacy's biggest growth would be in the pass protection and pass receiving, check downs from Year 1 to 2. Instinctive runner. Came here that way.

On Lacy's and James Starks' continuity with the offensive line:

Huge benefit to block for the same guy, same runner and to have the same linemen in front of you, too. The trust you have in the early part of the running backs course. All those things tie together.

On quarterback Aaron Rodgers' mobility:

I would think he's back. He's in excellent shape. He's moved very well. There's two ways to throw the football – drop back or you have an action passing game. Ability to move the quarterback is something that stresses the defense.

On backup quarterback Scott Tolzien's performance against New England:

Not only Scott, but the whole team. The decisions I'm making on the sideline I'm trying to create as many opportunities as possible. How many times do you have to practice fourth-and-8 to go to win the game? Those are valuable reps. Scott Tolzien, I want to see him run the same offense Aaron is running.

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On Rodgers' reps during the preseason:

I guess we'll answer that at the end. We'll see how Week 2 goes. I think Week 3 will be similar to how we've done it.

On assistant offensive line coach Mike Solari:

Excellent football coach. Demanding football coach. I like the way James Campen and Mike have partnered and worked together, and David Raih the third coach in that room. Excellent room. The combination of those three guys do a great job.

On veteran fullback John Kuhn:

Smart, disciplined. He has a lot of grit and fundamentally sound in what he's asked to do. He knows the offense inside and out. He's really on top of everything whether it's schematically or in the weight room.

On wide receiver Davante Adams' jump balls:

We don't play that way. Jump balls are for basketball. If you have a one-on-one situation and other factors involved. I don't view it as us dropping back and hoping he can jump up and get it.

On going back to Pittsburgh following the death of his brother earlier this year:

Going home is always special. This will be unique, obviously. I'm looking forward to seeing my family before the game.

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