McCarthy: Jones picking up where he left off

Ryan Wood

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy had his final media availability before his team travels to Chicago this weekend for a noon kickoff in its opener at the Bears.

Here are some highlights of McCarthy’s press briefing.

On James Jones’ first couple practices: James has done well. He’s kind of picked up where he left off. The adjustments, as far as the mental challenges, have gone pretty smoothly. I thought he’s done well the past couple days.

On Jones picking things up quickly: James is sharp. A smart football player.

On Randall Cobb: I anticipate that he will practice today. Today’s a big day for the guys that are fighting through injuries.

On whether he considers sitting Cobb to preserve him for entire season: There’s a lot that goes into each and every player’s medical status. It’s something we work on a lot in the training room.

On Morgan Burnett's progress from calf injury and status Sunday: I think today will help Morgan. I’m hoping there’s progress there.

On whether he’s ever had headset issues: I think any time you compete in this league long enough, there are things that go wrong and you adjust. It’s definitely not the first

On progress of rookie CBs: I thought the rookies battled. They’re on the football team. I think all of our rookies have really stepped up and earned their position in the locker room.

On Rodgers’ arm talent: Great play. great display of just his physical ability, and his instincts to make that throw. Aaron is a special player, but he’s also a very gifted athlete.

On McCarthy’s feelings night before the game: The night before the game in the hotel, I pretty much spend the afternoon working through my call sheet. That’s something I’ve always done. Watch a lot of video to prepare for the team meeting. We actually switched the time. it’s the Jordy Nelson rule. Jordy wanted to get more sleep Saturday nights. It’s a good rule.

On Jared Allen at outside linebacker: Jared looks good. I think he’s adjusted to his new role. His video has looked very good in the preseason. and follow him on Twitter @ByRyanWood

Green Bay Packers receivers James Jones, left, and Jordy Nelson celebrate Jones' touchdown reception in the second quarter of a 2012 game against the Chicago Bears.