Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media on Monday. Here are some highlights:

On Eddie Lacy:

Eddie was here today for treatment. We’ll see how he moves around Thursday. I think anytime you have ankle injuries with a player, you don’t know until you see them on the practice field.

On effectiveness with sprain during his rookie year:

Going back to Eddie’s rookie year, he fought through that injury the whole second half of the season. Our training staff and medical team is outstanding. They came up with a plan for every player. Every injury is different. All the credit goes to Eddie and his mental preparation.

On Davante Adams:

I would say similar to the answer around Eddie. He feels better today. We’ll see how he moves Thursday. Thursday will be a Wednesday practice for us.

On corrections:

It wasn’t as good as it felt. That’s really what Week 2 is. We hit a lot of our targets we wanted to go after in the football game. Obviously the pre-snap penalties, there’s no place for that. We had our hands on a few balls. We had one turnover taken away because of a pre-snap penalty. We’ll see a similar defense coming in here against Kansas City.

On James Starks:

James Starks is a hell of a running back going back to his rookie year. We brought him up and he was a big part of our run to the Super Bowl. He’s a guy who takes advantage of our opportunities. I have a lot of respect for James Starks.

On message of getting better:

The age has nothing to do with the message. We are what we are. We have two wins. We’re where we want to be, but we’re a team with a lot of growth in front of us.

On B.J. Raji:

B.J. Raji had an outstanding game. I’d say it’s one of his best football games as a Green Bay Packer. Definitely one of the game-ball winners. Emphasis was on Marshawn Lynch.

On Ty Montgomery:

I thought Ty played really well on offense and opportunities on special teams will increase.

On standing by Mason Crosby in 2012:

I always knew he was going to be the all-time leading kicker in Green Bay Packers history. He’s an outstanding talent. We have a lot invested in not only him. I just felt he was going through a tough patch and needed support. There’s usually not a lot of patience with the specialists. It was against the norm. I can recall the production meetings. Playing in big games, one particular group didn’t think we need a change.

On Joe Thomas:

Good young football player. He’s someone we got down there on the final day and he’s a young man we talked a lot about. It was tough to see him go. Great to get him back in the mix.

On 10-play, 80-yard drive bringing Cobb and Montgomery in the backfield:

I thought it was probably the most important drive of the game, but we were able to keep moving the ball. It was a critical point in the game. Aaron orchestrated it very well and was patient with it. It definitely was a good package for us.

We’ve had success with it. You can’t live with it. It’s like pitching. It’s good when you throw the change-up at the right time.