McCarthy: Rams defense 'a good test'

Ryan Wood
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Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy.

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke with media for about 12 minutes before his team took the practice field on Wednesday. Here are some highlights as the Packers prepare to host the St. Louis Rams on Sunday.

On the Rams’ defense:

The Rams defense, very good defense. Starts at the front. Very talented. Their ability to create penetration sets the whole tone for the defense. Good linebacker group, secondary plays well. It’s a good test for us.

On having a regular schedule:

Definitely to be on a seven-day week at a normal time is something we talked about with the team. We look forward to it this week and next week. It’s been a disjointed schedule, so it’s important to reflect the flow that these regular schedules give you.

On injured right tackle Bryan Bulaga’s status:

Well, with all our guys, we’d like to see how they’re doing. Bryan will be in that early group to see how he responds.

On injured wide receiver Davante Adams’ status:

Just like every week, we’ll give him the full week to see how he moves around. Tomorrow’s a big practice. Thursday is usually a good indicator.

On quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ ability to take care of the football, especially with key injuries on offense:

I think it speaks to Aaron’s discipline, and the fact he doesn’t change the way he plays. You don’t replace Jordy Nelson, so we don’t need to change how we’re playing. Everybody needs to step up and take advantage of their opportunities when they come your way. That speaks to Aaron and how he controls the offense.

On the Packers' run defense:

I think it’s just really discipline and fundamentals. Energy has been excellent, and getting off blocks. It starts up front. Our linemen have done a very good job of gap integrity and gap discipline. And we’re doing a great job rallying to the ball.

On right tackle Don Barclay’s struggles vs. the 49ers:

You have to take into account some of the situations he was put in, particularly on the three sacks. That’s something as a staff we can do a better job of. There’s room for our whole offensive line to improve. We help players, regardless if they’re on offense and defense, based on matchups. This is a matchup game, so it’s important to have that on offense, defense and special teams. We can do better.

On when rookie wide receiver Ty Montgomery’s football IQ became evident:

Rookie minicamp. The first night, he came back and answered every question. (Quarterbacks/receivers coach) Alex Van Pelt was extremely impressed from the second day. You knew then that football was natural to him, and he was able to pick up concepts. His ability to grab ahold of the scheme that fast was definitely unique.

On Montgomery being used in backfield:

We were excited about that when we drafted him. And, frankly, maybe not using Randall as much, too. It definitely gives you another wrinkle.

On whether his new duties on the coaching staff have reenergized him:

I’ve always looked at each year as a shaking-up kind of moment. It’s never the same thing from one year to the next, whether you’re calling the plays on offense or so forth. The new responsibilities were done for a reason, and it’s growing with its input. We’ve got to watch that we’re not doing too many things. and follow him on Twitter @ByRyanWood

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