McCarthy: Adams, Burnett should be back

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams (17) leaves the field during Monday night's game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Lambeau Field.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media before Monday’s practice. Here are some highlights from his news conference:

On going back to Pittsburgh:

Trip to Pittsburgh was great. Special day for my family and I. Just grateful to share the 50th anniversary of the golden football. It was a quick day. Frankly, I wish I could’ve stayed longer. We flew in. Went down to my dad’s bar. Saw what it looked like. Saw my brother Joe and had lunch with the family.

On reflecting on what he’s done:

It’s Week 7. I think you should smell the roses as you go. I do believe in that. They say stop and smell the roses, I think you have to keep moving and smell the roses. To answer your questions about a kid from Pittsburgh, you can go wherever you want. I’m here because of the good man up top. You have to believe that, but you have to set your sights out there and go for it. It’s just taken me some time to realize that.

On self-scout:

We had a chance to go over our self-scout. The obvious – we looked at the statistics if you can believe that or not. The fundamentals is what we’re going to concentrate on. The tendencies, just recognizing the fact of how people are going to try to attack us. San Diego’s empty formation – we call it shrink – empty formation and shrink it back to a one-back set. A lot of self-scout for us was reinforcement. We’ve done a lot of good things and we have a good foundation of things to work off of. I haven’t given my self-scout report to the team yet.

On what fundamentals are:

Tackling, blocking, big-play production. That’s all we’re going ot work on today. We’re going to pad them up, get after it. We’re going to have a brisk practice, but it’s going to be exclusively fundamentals.

On tackling:

Like anything else, we need to be better. If you look at the numbers, it’s better drill work than when you have pads on and when you don’t.

On health of the team:

I would think a lot based on the training room. They felt good about the work this morning and the number of guys that were here. Some guys stayed back (during the bye). Today, we’ll get to see guys move around. That’s probably another reason we need to be in pads today.

On facing Denver after the bye:

I think these are the biggest challenges as far as going on the road, playing an undefeated football team with a great defense. Definitely a Hall of Fame quarterback. I think these are the games you love to play in and really enjoy.

If Davante Adams is ready to return?

I would think so. I think both Morgan (Burnett) and Davante having a chance to program some the San Diego week. With another week off, they should feel good.

On getting Adams back:

You want to have all of your weapons. Davante, I thought he was one of the young players who jumped out. It would be great to have him back out there.

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