McCarthy: Denver played faster than us

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Packers coach Mike McCarthy and quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media on Monday evening. Here are some highlights from his news conference coming out of Sunday's 29-10 loss to Denver:

On offense’s mood:

The mood of the team, the schedule day was we had weight room responsibilities, training room responsibilities. We started our preparation for Carolina. I didn’t have an opportunity to assess the mode today.

On Clay Matthews’ ankle:

As of right now, I would say the concern is not high. Monday and Tuesdays you’re gathering all the information. I’m sure he’ll be in here for the treatment tomorrow and we’ll gauge it Wednesday.

On bouncing back:

It’s great to bounce back. That’s what we’re focused on. (Carolina) obviously plays tonight on Monday night football. We have to get back to do the things that we do well that we haven’t done the past two weeks against Carolina. They’re a unique opponent.

On film:

I would hoped it would have been better when we watched it today. You have to make sure you knuckle down and not overreact, and get outside of yourself and try to do different things. We have good schemes. The things that bothered me is when you’re a fast starting team, you play with a lot of energy and I wasn’t too concerned at the beginning of the game – the start they had done well – we never really got going. I thought they played faster than we did.

On falling behind early:

I think it’s the game of football. It would be nice to get the lead and go on and win every game, but that’s not going to go on in this league each and every week. Those are the experiences you need to galvanize your team. We had plenty of adversity in Denver. We’ll be a better team because of it.

On Aaron Rodgers saying need new things schematically:

I think it expresses frustration. As far as our scheme and opportunities we give players, I think it’s frustration between players and coaches. The fact you’re not executing. Offensively, you can say what you want but I don’t know how man you’re going to have. When you’re at 50 plays two weeks into a row, there’s more to be focused on. (Have to) convert third downs and get good down-and-distance. I really think those are the things we’ll focus on.

On reliance on scramble play:

I’ve never gone into a game with the goal of calling 30, 35 plays and relying on the scramble phase. It’s a reaction of what’s going on between offense and defense. We don’t hold onto it for 2.5 seconds and then scramble. It’s a component of our passing game. We spend a lot of time on it. Our receivers obviously have benefitted from it.

On third-down percentage:

It’s not good enough. It’s a situation we need to do a better job of it.

On receivers not getting open:

Every game is different. It’s a talented defense that matched up well against us. Their ability to play base against our sub and keep Aaron in the pocket. Those are components are key to winning on the perimeter.

On defense’s performance:

When offense can run the football and stay in play action phase and throw on time, if he’s throwing to his No. 1 read off his back foot and with rhythm. It’s a little hard to put on the pass rush. We need to stop the run. That’s when our pass rush shows up.

On possible acquisitions on trade deadline:

Our operation hasn’t changed. The personnel department, they’re on top of it. I’m aware of what’s out there, but I have nothing to report. Ted handles that.

On tight end production:

Richard is playing a lot of football. He’s being asked to do a lot of different things. That’s something we have to take an honest look at from a coaching staff standpoint.

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