Rookie receiver Ty Montgomery has never had a high ankle sprain before, and the recovery is proving to be trickier – and more frustrating – than he could have expected.

Montgomery said it has felt “like it’s a guessing game” on when he’ll return to the field. He’s practiced the past few weeks, but hasn’t played since exiting the Packers game against the San Diego Chargers on Oct. 18.

On Wednesday, Montgomery said, he was able to do more than any practice since his injury. He said his ankle was clearly feeling better, but his workload may have bordered on too much. Montgomery “aggravated” his ankle during Thursday’s padded practice.

“Just a little aggravated,” Montgomery said. “I think I just pushed it, and I’m not counting anything out.”

With how he felt Wednesday, Montgomery said, he was on track to play Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings. Now, he’s unsure. That uncertainty is a return to the past few weeks.

When asked by media, Montgomery, like most players, has frequently said he doesn’t know when he’ll return to the field. In his case, the uncertainty is genuine. He’s never had a high ankle sprain before, and the injury is hard to predict.

Montgomery said the uncertainty is the worst part about his recovery. Naturally, he’s grown weary of all the questions.

“I really don’t know,” Montgomery said. “It’s not just by ya’ll. It’s by everybody – family, friends. Everyone is just asking me, ‘When? When? When?’ I don’t know. It’s like a guessing game. It’s on a week-to-week basis. We’re going to find out, but I can’t wait.” and follow him on Twitter @ByRyanWood