McCarthy: Montgomery will try to work today

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Packers  receiver Ty Montgomery warms up at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media before practice Tuesday. Here are highlights from his news conference:

On the extra time off:

They look good. Weight-room work was good. We’re in meetings right now. We’re going through the install. We just shifted gears to the Dallas install.

On Lions’ film:

I think we did some things better. There’s things we can obviously improve on. There’s a few plays in that first half that were the difference between 17-0. It’s important to always watch the tape. That’s why we took the first part of today and focused on the Lions’ game.

On the starting offensive line:

Offensive line has been playing together each week. If you want to do an injury report, the starts by the same offensive line results in good football. Game starts up front. As many games as those guys have played together, it helps your success. We’ve had a long break. I look for those guys to bounce back.

On Eddie Lacy missing curfew:

I think he’s been rejuvenated and his work has been good today. I look for him to have a good week of practice and have a productive day Sunday. We’re worrying about what’s in front of us. We’ve talked about what’s behind us too much. That’s what I want everybody to think about.

On health of the offensive line:

It’s the best line we’ve had in my time here. We’re going into our 13th game. … They’re all going to try to do some part of it today except for Corey.

On Ty Montgomery:

The report this morning is Ty is feeling better. He’s going to try to work today and do as much as he can.

On Dallas blitzing:

They blitz more than they have. The tendency was up last night. It’s a good defense. It’ll be a big challenge for our offense.

On getting back to winning at home:

We haven’t played well the last two times in front of our crowd. The crowd has been great. It’s about football what you do between the lines. Great crowds follow a good football team.

On Mike Pennel:

He’s doing good. He’s playing a lot of five-technique. He has more natural ability out there. We need all the big guys.

On Eddie Lacy’s playing time:

Everything Eddie wants to accomplish is right there in front of him. Any player who wants to jump up and grab it.

On Aaron Rodgers’ health:

Looks good. My understanding is he’s worked at it during the weekend. Feel good about where he is.

On Julius Peppers’ off day last week:

That’s really just communication between the player and the coach. That’s something we should be more aware of. That was probably a long time coming.

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