McCarthy: Hopeful Linsley will practice today

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Green Bay Packers center Corey Linsley during training camp practice at Ray Nitschke Field, Monday, August 25, 2014.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media on Wednesday morning. Here are some highlights:

On outlook for Ty Montgomery, Corey Linsley:

I’m hopeful both will practice today. (Ty) is progressing. Hopefully, he can get through the week of practice.

On Khalil Mack:

Just turn on the last game. Just playing him in the preseason last year. Extremely athletic. Great motor. Just a very good instinctive football player.

On Charles Woodson’s turnovers:

He’s excellent around the football. That’s what we look at when we detail the offense. He’s always clawing at the ball. Very strong hands. His anticipation skills are at a high level. He’s playing very well.

On Andrew Quarless:

He’s going to practice through the whole week. I don’t have a set plan. He was definitely better last week than he was the first week.

On Derek Carr:

Good young player, can make all the throws. Young player who doesn’t take sacks. They’re doing a lot of shifts and motions and conceptually challenge you. They’re a talented offense. Good young player.

On using John Kuhn more:

I think more importantly when you evaluate a team, are they a one-back or two-back team. Really the personnel a lot of times doesn’t matter. It’s really a product about how we feel about our players and how packages go against a defense.

On leaving early for road trip:

I think there’s a number of factors around that. The time of year is a factor. It definitely helps going out on Friday from an acclimation standpoint. It creates a challenge with your practice team. You look at all those things. With us going out Friday, we have a return trip the following week to Arizona.

On handling wet conditions Sunday:

We took care of the football. Definitely was a factor in winning. Maybe better focus or more wet ball drills. It’s football. Sometimes it goes your way, sometimes it doesn’t.

On Eddie Lacy:

Yes, I think Eddie has put together some really good weeks. This is a huge challenge for us this week.

On James Starks in the passing game:

He’s an ascending player in my view. He started off here in 2010, he was an impact runner for us. Really, to be a three-down player, it’s always about pass protection. Our protection system is complicated and James has mastered that.

On screen games:

There’s different ways of running screens. We’re an adjustment offense. I’ve never looked at the screen in the post-game review where it wasn’t a positive.

On having a one-two combination:

That’s what you want when you have can two backs who you can lean on. We’re fortunate to have two, but two with different styles. I think that’s definitely challenging for defense.

On Jake Ryan:

It’s just about opportunity. He’s been making progress. So far, so good. He’s put together two good games.

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