Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media on Wednesday morning. Here are some highlights:

On outlook for Ty Montgomery, Corey Linsley:

I’m hopeful both will practice today. (Ty) is progressing. Hopefully, he can get through the week of practice.

On Khalil Mack:

Just turn on the last game. Just playing him in the preseason last year. Extremely athletic. Great motor. Just a very good instinctive football player.

On Charles Woodson’s turnovers:

He’s excellent around the football. That’s what we look at when we detail the offense. He’s always clawing at the ball. Very strong hands. His anticipation skills are at a high level. He’s playing very well.

On Andrew Quarless:

He’s going to practice through the whole week. I don’t have a set plan. He was definitely better last week than he was the first week.

On Derek Carr:

Good young player, can make all the throws. Young player who doesn’t take sacks. They’re doing a lot of shifts and motions and conceptually challenge you. They’re a talented offense. Good young player.

On using John Kuhn more:

I think more importantly when you evaluate a team, are they a one-back or two-back team. Really the personnel a lot of times doesn’t matter. It’s really a product about how we feel about our players and how packages go against a defense.

On leaving early for road trip:

I think there’s a number of factors around that. The time of year is a factor. It definitely helps going out on Friday from an acclimation standpoint. It creates a challenge with your practice team. You look at all those things. With us going out Friday, we have a return trip the following week to Arizona.

On handling wet conditions Sunday:

We took care of the football. Definitely was a factor in winning. Maybe better focus or more wet ball drills. It’s football. Sometimes it goes your way, sometimes it doesn’t.

On Eddie Lacy:

Yes, I think Eddie has put together some really good weeks. This is a huge challenge for us this week.

On James Starks in the passing game:

He’s an ascending player in my view. He started off here in 2010, he was an impact runner for us. Really, to be a three-down player, it’s always about pass protection. Our protection system is complicated and James has mastered that.

On screen games:

There’s different ways of running screens. We’re an adjustment offense. I’ve never looked at the screen in the post-game review where it wasn’t a positive.

On having a one-two combination:

That’s what you want when you have can two backs who you can lean on. We’re fortunate to have two, but two with different styles. I think that’s definitely challenging for defense.

On Jake Ryan:

It’s just about opportunity. He’s been making progress. So far, so good. He’s put together two good games.