McCarthy: 'We’re going out there to win'

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media on Monday. Here are some highlights:

On the schedule:

We’re still working through the transportation. We’ll have to stay on our normal week. There was a goal to go out on Thursday and that’s not going to happen. Training and how we prepare for the game, there’s a lot of thought that goes into that. Usually have two plans this time of the year.

On leaving early:

The stress points in your travel and preparation are important. You go through the times we left earlier, the transportation in Seattle was perfect. Regardless of the outcome, we’ve hit the target with preparation. San Francisco, I thought that was excellent. Stanford was a good setup. Denver was stressful. Those are the things you look at. We went to Scottsdale Community College, which was a good setup. It’s about flow.

On practice schedule for the week:

We’re going to give them two days to get their bodies back. We’ll work tomorrow. We’ll be in the weight room tomorrow. We’ll install tomorrow. We’ll stay up here in meetings. We won’t practice. We’ll have abbreviated Wednesday and Thursday practice.

On playing Arizona three weeks ago:

Watching the Seattle game and watching our game, identifying some things. Frankly from the offensive standpoint, we had a lot of offense left from the first game we didn’t get to. There’s a silver lining in that.

On keeping bodies fresh:

Health of your football team is one of the highest priorities every week.

On what they learned from playing Arizona:

I think you definitely get a feel from a team playing earlier in the season. We played Seattle earlier in the season. I think the fact of the matter is both teams feel the same way. Their preparation against each other is still relatively fresh. Not sure if it’s an advantage of not.

On David Bakhtiari:

I’m hopeful that he’ll go this week. We won’t know until we get on the field.

On Jordy Nelson:

We’ve had some players who have had season-ending injuries and we’ve found it’s very important to keep them here. You want them to know they’re still part of it. We feel our care here is better than anywhere they can get in the country. Sam Barrington is in the same boat. He’s been appreciative of that. Jordy’s taken it to another level. It’s like he’s going through two-a-days. He’s always around teammates. You’d never know Jordy wasn’t playing the way he’s approached that.

On Aaron Rodgers being a part of game-planning:

It’s not a big change. He’s always been there on Tuesdays. … We like the way we have it right now. It’s definitely helpful. He’s played a lot of football. He has a great football mind.

On his relationship with Rodgers:

I don’t see it the way I guess it’s perceived. I enjoy our relationship.

On importance of that win:

Winning is fun. Plane ride is what you’ll remember. Josh Sitton and T.J. Lang, they’ve won some playoff games. They’re tough, especially on the road. The Packer fans at the end. Playoff wins definitely bring a lot of confidence. Winning is hard in this league, but it’s fun. Equipment guys had the cars running. It’s much appreciated.

On if the win felt different:

We talked a lot during the season. Frankly, I think you could see it coming when the schedule came out. I felt that stretch in the second half was going to be rough. Frankly, I was hoping it wasn’t going to be as rough as it was. The reason it felt good as a football team is all three phases played well. If we do that, we win.

On being the underdog:

We talked about it. I went with it and halfway through the meeting I dumped it. That’s not us. We’re going out there to win.

On pass-rushers:

I love our big guys. The game ball winners for Washington was the o-line and the d-line. Talk about the pass-rush unit. I thought our line set the tempo for the game. Our ability to have multiple pass-rushers is big for us.

On Rodgers getting the ball out quickly:

We build the plans similar each week. The West Coast offense is based around timing. You have action passes and the drop-back game. The ability to run the football. It’s all about playing on time. I don’t know what the statistics show, but I thought our first- and second-down production was up. Our offense is conditioned to play at a tempo. We look at it as baseball. The more attempts we get with our offense, especially with Aaron Rodgers, the better chance we have of scoring more points.

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