Aaron Rodgers hopes to hit Powerball jackpot

Ryan Wood
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A strong argument could be made that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has already won life’s lottery.

He’s traveled a road from junior college to the NFL. He’s a two-time MVP, a Super Bowl champion. At 32 years old, his five-year, $110 million contract offers enough wealth for several lifetimes.

Yes, it’s a good life for the Packers' eighth-year starting quarterback. How about another miracle? With the Powerball set at $1.5 billion, Rodgers said he’s casting his lot and trying to hit the jackpot a second time.

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“Why not?” Rodgers said. “C’mon, everybody’s got the same opportunity, right? One in 292 million, or billion? Yeah, I’ve got my tickets. I’ll be watching the drawing.”

He doesn’t need the money. That much is clear. Still, there’s a substantial gap between the $12.6 million he’s receiving this season and the $1.5 billion a winning ticket could net.

So what would Rodgers do with a winning ticket?

“I’d buy an NHL team,” he said. and follow him on Twitter @ByRyanWood

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