Cobb: Mic battery may have caused injury

Weston Hodkiewicz
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Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb makes a diving catch against Arizona Cardinals cornerback Justin Bethel during an NFC divisional playoff game Jan. 16 in Glendale, Ariz. Penalties negated the catch, and Cobb was injured on the play.

Randall Cobb may think twice the next time he’s asked to get mic'd up for a game.

The Green Bay Packers receiver, who was making the rounds on radio row Wednesday at the Super Bowl, told The Bill Michaels Show and CBS Radio’s Jim Rome Show that he didn’t break any ribs during the landing in which he suffered a bruised lung on a one-handed, 51-yard catch in last month’s NFC divisional playoff game in Arizona.

The initial diagnosis surprised Cobb since many chest compression injuries tend to result from a fractured rib puncturing the lung. The Pro Bowl receiver can’t say for certain what led to the injury, but he has a theory.

“It felt like I was going to throw up. It felt like I was choking on something. I started to throw up and then I started spitting up blood,” Cobb told Rome. “It was kind of a crazy moment. I went back and got the chest X-ray. I didn’t break a rib. I didn’t fracture a rib, which is really abnormal to puncture a lung without that. But I was mic’d up for the game. The battery pack for the mic was on my shoulder pads. I landed flush on my back during the catch and I punctured my lung. I’m not saying it was.”

“There’s no way to prove that, but it’s kind of crazy that I punctured a lung without fracturing my rib,” Cobb added.

Cobb was carted to the locker room at the start of the second quarter, where X-rays were performed. As he told USA TODAY Network-Wisconsin's Brett Christopherson last week, Cobb eventually was taken to a nearby hospital where he stayed overnight for observation.

The fifth-year receiver said he wasn’t alarmed when the injury occurred, but soon realized the full gravity of the situation. If his lung would have collapsed upon impact, Cobb would have required emergency surgery and had a tube inserted into his lung to assist his breathing.

At the time, all he wanted to do was play football.

“Once we got the scan, I was like, ‘OK, well I didn’t break or fracture a rib so that’s really weird. I should be fine. Could I go back into the game?’” Cobb recalled. “They were like, ‘Are you crazy? You’re spitting up blood.’ I’m like, ‘Ah man, this is the playoffs. You know what I mean? Nothing’s broken. I’m good. Let me go.’ So they monitored me for like 20, 30 minutes.”

Cobb watched the rest of the game — a bitter 26-20 overtime loss to the Cardinals — from the hospital.

“I got to the hospital right before halftime and watched the rest of the game from the hospital bed,” Cobb said.

It was just that kind of season for Cobb, who played through a sprained AC joint in his shoulder during the first half of the season. He finished with 79 catches for 829 yards and six touchdowns. and follow him on Twitter @WesHod.

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