McCarthy: Saturday's practice 'significantly improved'

Ryan Wood
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Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke with the media after the team's second practice of rookie orientation Saturday afternoon. Here are some highlights.

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy looks on during a game against the Oakland Raiders.

On Saturday afternoon's practice: It was excellent. Numbers were a little thing today with our corners, but the work, I would say the last three years with how we structured it, we felt very good about the video captured. Today's practice was significantly improved, the energy was higher. The quarterbacks through the ball really well today. It was a very good practice, and I'm looking forward to watching it on tape.

On evaluating tryout players: You look at the process of player acquisition. you draft players, rookie free agents. A lot of work goes into that. The tryout players give you one more chance to evaluate, particulary to evaluate in a live, competitive environment.

On next step: It's an evaluation process. So we met this morning with the personnel staff. There were a number of scenarios we looked at. The rookies will transition into our offseason program. We'll take Monday, Wednesday and Friday and transition those guys into those workouts.

On Kenny Clark going back to school: Well, Kenny Clark and all the young men that play at universities that are on a quarter system, this is a common practice. So there's a plan. We'll maximize the time here with Kenny and make sure he's ready.

On whether he'd like to see quarter semester rule change: I don't really feel like touching anything like that today.

On evaluating second-year practice squad guys: It's great work for the young men going through the second year. You want to see them make a jump, see how what they've learned carries over on the practice field.

On new : Part of the change in the coaching staff is, I think, stating the obvious. You have different personalities, different experiences. So we've been able to listen to their input, go through the installation phase like we do with every coaching staff. That process is complete. Now, it's time to coach it. It's good to see those guys out there with their coaching style. We're just trying to get better, whether it's with new coaches or the coaches that are here.

On draft class: Well, I think the biggest thing that comes out of this weekend when you have a draft class is if they are who you think they are. I think that's definitely been answered. They're bright, from good schools. We treat everyone in this camp the same. That's important. That's aligned with our culture.

On ILBs: We've moved on. Sam was hurt. I thought Jake did some good things as a young, first-year player. He's definitely doing a good job in the offseason program. Joe Thomas looks like he's going to make a step, Carl Bradford. Everybody's taking a step.

On giving UDFAs a fair chance: I think first and foremost, you have to credit Ted Thompson with how the process is laid out. There's a lot of time and energy that goes inot that. I think it also speaks volume of your area scouts. That's really where your area scouts, not just with evaluation but with relationships built through time. Secondly, I think it's just a common teaching philosophy. You always teach to the youngest player in the room. and follow him on Twitter @ByRyanWood

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