Packers' Lacy may resume Horton workouts

Tom Silverstein
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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GREEN BAY - If running back Eddie Lacy decides to train again with P90X founder Tony Horton during the five weeks before the start of training camp, the Green Bay Packers are completely on board with it.

Wide receiver Jordy Nelson (left), running back Eddie Lacy (black headband) and wide receiver Randall Cobb (green headband) run during organized team activities Tuesday in Green Bay.

Running backs coach Ben Sirmans said this week that he thought there was a good chance Lacy would work again with Horton, but until the two sit down at the end of the three-day minicamp to discuss Lacy’s plans, nothing is final.

“I’m hopeful,” Sirmans said. “The information I got from what people have told me, it’s helped him. So you always want be able to do things that help people. I hope he’ll do it.”

Lacy joined Horton for workouts in Wyoming and then Southern California once the season was over and photos that circulated over the internet showed a slim and trim version of the previously overweight running back. Horton estimated that Lacy lost 15 to 20 pounds during the workouts.

However, Lacy did not appear to be as slim in person as the photos appeared once he got to off-season workouts and coach Mike McCarthy admitted he still had some work to do. During the minicamp, Lacy looked about the same as when he reported.

On Wednesday, McCarthy stressed it was important for every player to stay on top of his conditioning in the month or so before the start of training camp. Players have fallen off the conditioning bandwagon during that time in previous years and paid the price when camp began.

“Every player is responsible for their five weeks, and with that, there's a plan, there's communication of a plan, and expectations of all of our players,” McCarthy said. “Eddie in particular, I hope he definitely goes with the plan that he used this year as opposed to last year. He's just like all of our guys.”

“Our strength coach and nutritionist, Adam (Korzun) and Mark (Lovat) both, we have programs for our guys. There's communication on where they're going to work, who they're going to work with. There's a lot of great programs out there, and there's relationships that we're involved with some of those guys. All of our players need to take care of business over the next five weeks.”

Sirmans, who replaced the fired Sam Gash after last season, is part of the Lacy oversight committee and has stressed to the fourth-year back how much better he can be when he’s in shape. He also intends to stay in touch with him during the break to make sure things are going smoothly.

“I think from a fitness level, without having anything to compare it to, I’ve been pleased with how he’s gone about his business,” Sirmans said. “You always want to push them and say we want to do more, especially these next five weeks are most important as far as what you’re going to be able to accomplish this season.

“I feel pretty good and confident he will come back even in better condition than he is in now. I’ll just reinforce that, not just with him personally, but how important it’s going to be for our team.”

Lacy had his worst year as a professional last season, gaining 758 yards on 187 carries (4.1 average) with three touchdowns. His longest run of the regular season was 29 yards. He also caught 20 passes for 188 yards and two touchdowns.

In the playoffs, he carried 24 times for 152 yards (6.3 average) with one touchdown and caught two passes for 2 yards.

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